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A Week of Links

Chunk, the groundhog, is a constant source of zen happiness for me. Now that Chunk has a family, it’s even better.

Andrew Scott (“hot priest” from Fleabag) reading “Everything is Going to be All Right” by Derek Mahon.

Bird-watching for the soul.

Stick with this video of cats and dominoes until the end; it’s worth it.

Uncertainty as opportunity.

Beautiful black plants for my dream garden.

We’re working on some home decorating and I am truly and deeply in love with this wallpaper.

This side table is a solid contender for our balcony.

This list of craft projects from Selvedge is dreamy and tempting.

I’m trying something new and creating a weekly “scrapbook” page of the best of the internet. Check it out 🙂

Color, Texture, and Layers

These days, I spend most of my leisure time either seeking inspiration or planning decor for my new home. I’m drawn to designs that mix pattern, color, light, and texture. One such design is the Maison de la Luz hotel in New Orleans by Studio Shamshiri. It’s visually rich and decadent and yet somehow manages to remain approachable. While I doubt I’ll get anywhere near this bold of a statement, I do look forward to incorporating touches of approachable fun and visual richness.