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Bisa Butler Quilts

At first glance, I thought I was looking at a beautiful painting. I’m all the more enthralled knowing this delicate work has all been done with fabric by Bisa Butler.


A Week of Links

If only we all had such conviction and fortitude. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

I may be late to the party, but it’s never too late to enjoy a stream of bodega cats.

Charming animated film all about the clitoris.

Raw Sauce is the sensory highlight of my morning skin care routine.

Adele rapping Monster by Nicki Minaj never ceases to make me smile. Yes, it’s three years old and I’m still watching it on repeat.

The dreamiest storefront the world has ever known.

The scrummiest of scrummy-looking french toast. Need to devour ASAP!

A rainbow of roosting pigeons.

Puck Koper Illustrations

I’m loving these wonderful illustrations by Puck Koper (best name ever) for the children’s book, Where Is Your Sister?

According to the description, Harriet gets lost in a department store that, “is a riot of dots and stripes, patterns and checks!” How delightful!


Ellsworth Kelly Stamps

The United States Postal Service just released a stamp set commemorating the colorful and abstract work of Ellsworth Kelly, an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

I just got my set.