Beetle & Byte


Beetle & Byte is a curious cache of mismatched delights.

In other words, Beetle & Byte is a place where I put stuff I like. My name is Cathie Toshach and I am a designer, collector, and nap taker who has called Seattle home since 2008.

I started Beetle & Byte to gather and share the myriad of things that catch my attention, inspire me, and get me thinking. By design there’s no rules to what I share. I’m letting myself off the hook by keeping things simple, random, and fun. Most of it will come from the wonderful world of the web and the rest will be collections, photographs, and projects from my everyday happenings.

For example, things I like to collect:

  • Vernacular photographs of people and their pets
  • Real photo postcards (silver-gelatin prints)

And things I like to photograph:

  • Street art from around the world
  • Cemeteries also from around the world

There’s no editorial calendar and there’s no pressure. Sometimes posts will come in a deluge and sometimes I’ll take a break. It all sounds perfectly lovely to (and for) me and hopefully you’ll get something out of it too.

Thanks for dropping by!