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A Week of Links

Behind-the-scenes of Spike Jonze’s, Welcome Home. It really makes me appreciate how much talent, trial-and-error, and imagination go into a production this good.

I’ve been using Airtable to track all my job search efforts and it’s been a stellar companion and support system.

I’ll never look at surrealist art the same after listening to the podcast, Root of Evil.

Two very active and VERY curious kittens sometimes requires a pricey investment in distraction.

A slightly less pricey investment in distraction.

After the magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Seattle, I was reminded that I really need to get an emergency kit together.

Mind-boggling and useful sock hack.

I have happily added this urban beehive kit to my dream home wish list.

How trees communicate.

An eccentric and charming upstate home with loads of character at every turn.

Defeated vs. inspiring thinking.

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